I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s been almost three months since Global Brunch nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award, an honor that helps connect and promote female travel bloggers.

I was both flattered and humbled that the woman who nominated me—Maria Berz, a German-born foodie, social-media/PR expert who lives in the U.K.—found my blog inspiring enough to nominate me. I’ve only “e-chatted” with her in various Twitter chats, namely #CultureTrav (a favorite), yet she found little ol’ me, a family-travel writer with a focus that’s very different from hers, worthy of a nomination. Thank you, Maria, for the honor, and I apologize it’s taken me so long to acknowledge that. I promise to make it up to you if you visit my family and me in Colorado.

My first task as an honoree? Answer Maria’s questions, followed by nominating 10 other female travel bloggers and asking them 10 of my own. In essence, it’s a viral chain letter of mutual admiration that I’m happy to perpetuate in the blogosphere.

Click here to see Maria’s full list of nominees and questions.

      1.  What’s your favourite place to visit in your home country?

That’s tough to answer because the U.S. is so large and varies so differently by region. I can also count on one hand the few places I wouldn’t want to return. In other words, I love nearly every state I’ve visited, so it’s hard to choose.

But if I have to pick one favorite place, it’s got to be my home state, Colorado, and its Rocky Mountains. I love that I get to see them in my everyday life and enjoy everything the mountains have to offer any day, any season.

2. What’s the longest time you’ve ever been on the road and where did you go?

The first “real” adventurous trip I took was the first one with my husband in 1996, to Costa Rica. Back then we flew stand-by, had only one hotel booked and about three weeks to go where our whims took us.

3. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – what’s your favourite season to travel?

There’s never a bad time to travel, in my opinion. But I think fall is so beautiful, especially in the States. Plus it’s shoulder/low-season for many destinations, which means better prices and fewer crowds.

       4. What’s the friendliest place you’ve visited?

Another tough one. But there’s something about Nicaragua and its welcoming people that make us want return again and again.

       5. Where would you never go back to?

Hmmm…I’d probably give every place a second chance. For instance, when we visited Venice, Italy, in 1999, the locals were amazingly rude and unwelcoming, yet I’d want to visit again—especially with our kids. But if I never went back to Las Vegas again, I’d be fine with that. It’s just not my thing.

      6. If you could do a road trip anywhere in the world, where would that be?

I’ve always dreamed of road tripping through Australia or Europe. But I’d be happy RVing through the U.S. too because there’s still so much I’ve yet to see in my own country. For starters? The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone!

      7. What’s the best street food dish you have tried and where was it? Share a pic if you’ve got one.

I’m a fairly picky eater, so I bristle a bit at the idea of street food unless it’s a food truck here in the States. Maybe someday I’ll have a more exotic answer for this.

      8. Share a picture of your favourite natural scenery!

Rocky Mountains! Obvi!

A stunning view of the Rocky Mountains at Snow Mountain Ranch near Granby, Colorado.  Photo by Michael Mundt.

A stunning view of the Rocky Mountains at Snow Mountain Ranch near Granby, Colorado. Photo by Michael Mundt.

      9. Hotel, Airbnb, hostel or CouchSurfing what’s your accommodation of choice and why?

I’m fine with hotels or rentals, even before we had children. CouchSurfing? Not so much.

      10. What’s your favourite place in the world and why is it so special?

I still have to say Colorado. I’m proud to that my great-grandfather began farming land in the northeast part of the state, and that those farms remain in my family four generations later. My parents were among the few to leave the area and relocate to the Front Range, where I’ve grown up, and I absolutely can’t imagine living anywhere else. At least, not yet.

now it's my turn:

Since my focus is family travel—and this idea is to nominate 10 other women for this award—my obvious choice is fellow travel moms. And I would be remiss in not mentioning three who inspire me daily: the lovely ladies of Outdoor Families Magazine, Founder Jennifer Fontaine (MommyHiker), Managing Editor Erin Kirkland (AKontheGo) and Operations Director Traci Lehman (WalkSimply). I’m so lucky to collaborate with them and promote the magazine’s mission to get families outside.

But it seemed unfair to nominate them—plus I know all three hold full-time jobs in addition to managing the magazine and their own blogs—so I chose 10 others I’ve “e-met” on family-travel/family chats like Outdoor Families’ #OutFam, TravelingMom.com's #TMOM and various other travel chats. All of them inspire me in some way, either because they’re fantastic about being active outdoors with their kids or traveling to faraway places. Plus, what little I know about them from Twitter (and some via phone) is that they're all as passionate as I am about family travel. And they're also some damn-cool women.

Now it’s your turn to answer my questions, nominate 10 other female who inspire you and create 10 of your own questions for them to answer. Oh, and be sure to tag me once your questions are posted on your site. Thanks for playing along--feel free to wait waaaay after the holidays to respond--and inspiring me to keep writing about what I love. Here goes:

1. Nancy Besharah, LuxeTravelFamily

2. Kirsten Maxwell, KidsareaTrip

3. Gina Vercesi, KidsUnplugged

4. Karen Ung, PlayOutsideGuide

5. Audra Ostergard, KiddoGear

6. Val Joiner, ValinRealLife

7. Annie Yearout, OutdoorsyMama

8. Jen Bauer, AdventurousMoms

9. Bec Wyld, WyldFamilyTravel

10. Marta Correale, LearningEscapes

Here are my 10 questions. Feel free to add photos to any of your answers.

1.     What sparked your love of travel?

2.     What was your all-time favorite trip before you became a mom?

3.     Where did you take your first family vacation with kids? How long?

4.     A favorite hotel/resort you’ve experienced with children? What makes it special?

5.     Favorite family destination you’ve visited in your native country?

6.     Favorite family destination you’ve visited outside your native country?

7.     What is one of the funniest things to have happened to you while traveling with children?

8.     What is one of the most challenging aspects of traveling with kids—besides the obvious frustrations?

9.     What’s your best cost-saving trip for family travel?

10.    What advice do you have for those who are too afraid or apprehensive to bring children on vacation?